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The Federation's Objectives
The Federation's Objectives

The Federation aims at developing and nurturing the technical, scientific commercial and industrial relations between its members in the field of paper, printing, packaging and filling industry. It also intends to set up policies and programs that contribute in achieving growth, partnership and the Arab industrial complementarity as well as establishing the largest Arab Free trade zone to attain the Common Arab Markets in order to fulfill the current and future requirements of such industries production on an national Arabic level. This will guarantee self-sufficiency and an increase in the export capacity of the Arab countries and its exits in all the means that achieve its objectives including:


To assist the Federation's members in marketing their products in the international and Arab markets


To guarantee to the members the availability of raw materials, production requirements, intermediate and packaging materials at affordable prices and enhance its exchange amongst them, defeating obstacles that could hinder the achievements of these targets.


To assist the members in elaborating their technical capacities through an administrative, financial, commercial, technical and environment rehabilitation of institutions.


To increase the production sufficiency quantitatively and qualitatively for the employees working for the Federation's members and to encourage Arab skills exchange and offer assistance to the new Arab projects


To provide the members with required statements, statistics, technical, economical and marketing information on the international and Arabic levels for the projects they will execute. To introduce them to the latest international development, offer and demand policies for the raw materials and the finished goods as well as to the production requirement.


To contribute in establishing the Arab unified specifications that correspond to the international specifications


To assist the members in applying the international specifications related to manage and ensure quality in the design, development, production, composition, consultation and testing.


To cooperate with all the Federations and the Arab, regional and international institutions.


To establish institutions, colleges majored in teaching the science related to paper, printing and packaging industries and to adopt modern scientific programs to train competent executives in the industry's fields that have been initiated by the members of the Federation.


To carry out researches and economical studies required by the industrial projects that are executed by the members and to facilitate their contact with expertise companies as well exchanging information amongst themselves in order to fulfill any member's requirements.


To issue researches, studies and paper work as well as publications, magazines and periodical books that serve the Federation's objectives. To be part of conferences, Arab and international seminars related to the Federation's mission.


To assist the members in putting into execution their new projects, to expand the ones in place and to encourage merging.


Working on the Arab bodies in order to create combined Arabic companies to contribute in the Arab cooperation and complementarity in the field of paper, printing and packaging, industries as well as taking advantage of foreign companies.


To back up the members in exporting their products.


Upon the member's request, the Federation is entitled to intervene amicably to put an end to the accidental conflicts between members or between a member and a third party. The Federation plays a part of an arbitrator once they have recourse to it for this purpose or takes part of other arbitrary tasks when it is requested to do so.

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