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The Federation's membership

The Federation comprises a group of public and private institutions, committees syndicates, companies and offices authorized to operate in the Arab Countries within the field of Paper, Printing ,Filling and Packaging industries as well as the institutions working in trading and marketing the products of Arab paper industries, its derivatives and other industries varieties that are either directly or complementarily related to the above mentioned industries.

The Federation's membership consists of the following levels:
The Active member
The Adherent member
The Observant member

1- Are Active members:
The Arab institutions, companies, committees and projects operating in the field of paper, printing, filling and packaging industries.
It is compulsory that the representative of the active member in the federation's bodies be of Arab nationality.

2- Are Adherent members:
- The committees, institutions and offices that are specialized in trading and marketing the products of the Arab Paper industries and its derivatives as well as the ones that establish and execute the business that is directly related to the Federation's activity.
- Arab consultancy offices operating in the domains that are mentioned in the article N0. 2 two of the present regulations.
Specialized quality Federations operating in similar scopes of activity as well as Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the Arab countries.

3- Are Observant members:
-The Board of the Economic Arab Unity.
- Arab organizations each specialized in its own field.
The Board of Directors has the right to invite any particular person from the Arab organizations and quality Federations to attend as an observant if needed.

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