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The General Assembly
The General Assembly

The General Assembly is composed of all the active members. However, should the active member be allowed to attend the General Assembly's meetings, the party he represents should have settled all the due fees of the previous financial prior to its meeting.
The adherent members as well as the observant members must attend the meetings of the general assembly and participate in the discussions without the right to vote.
The General Assembly holds one ordinary meeting per year within a period of four months as of the end of the financial year.

During its ordinary meeting, the general assembly highlights the following topics:

a- To define the general procedures and policies for the Federation's plans, bodies and programs in the organizational, technical and administrative areas.
b- To take decisions and set up the required recommendations regarding reports, studies and suggestions proposed by the Board of Directors and the Secretariat General.
c- To determine the Federation's plan of action for the coming period and to adjust, follow up and study the results of previous plans.
d- To approve the financial budget, the closing accounts and the financial controller's report related to the past of the financial year.
e- To assign a financial controller and determine his honorarium.
f- Any other issues related to the Federation's activity.
g- To approve the election of the Federation's Board members directly chosen separately by the group of members for each Arabic country independently.

The General Assembly holds its ordinary and extraordinary meetings in the Federation's headquarter or in any other country according to a decision taken by the Federation's Board of Directors.

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