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The Board of Directors holds its regular and extraordinary meetings at least once a year. The General Assembly holds its ordinary meeting at least once every year and one ordinary meeting every three years in order to approve the votes of the Board of Directors elected by the members projects in each country. It holds as well its extraordinary meeting in case of any modification in the main regulations or in case of dissolution the Federation, merging, changing its headquarters or whenever needed.

Most of the times, different activities occur such as (product exhibitions and scientific conferences )during the General Assembly's meetings as well as visits between the members of the Arab countries for the benefit and the work progress of the companies and institutions where they are operating.

In addition to the seminar of the Arab Federation for Paper, Printing and Packaging Industries that took place in Lebanon on the 18th-19th and 20th of September 2002, the General Assembly held its extraordinary meeting as well as the Board of directors' meeting and the General Assembly's ordinary meeting in its 19th session during which Dr. Fady Gemayel from Lebanon was elected as President of the Arab Federation as a successor of the former president Mr. Mustafa Marzouk. The four vice presidents were also elected as follows:
1- Al Habib Al Arousi from Tunisia
2- Mohamed Adel Al Mozi from Egypt
3- Ali Shanshoul from Iraq
4- Hussein Ghaddar from the Gulf

The International Exhibition for the Packaging Requirements and Techniques - Baghdad on 21st -25th of May 2003.

President Dr. Fady Gemayel giving his speech during the seminar

A view of the public during the seminar
Meeting of the new Board of Directors

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The International Exhibition for the Packaging Needs and Techniques - Baghdad
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