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Arab Federation For Paper, Printing And Packaging Industries

The Federation consists of a group of public, private and mixed institutions, committees, federations, companies and offices incorporated in the Arab countries and operating in the field of manufacturing and trading paper, printing, wrapping and packaging industries as well other industrial varieties that are directly and complementarily related to the above mentioned industries. They are hereafter dominated called by "The Projects" for the purpose of the present regulations.

The Federation has a juristic personality and a legal capacity to undertake its mission and achieve its objectives. It is financially and administratively independent within the limit of the decisions taken by the Board of directors.

Baghdad city is the headquarters of the Federation. The Federation is entitled to open branches and offices according to a decision taken by the Board of Directors, which defines their competences and jurisdictions with the limit of its authority.

According to the concept of the said regulations, the term " paper industries" means the pulp and paper production as well as other processing industries in which paper becomes a component including printing, packaging and filling in different shapes and types.

The Federation aims at coordinating, developing and strengthening the technical, scientific, commercial and industrial relations amongst its members in the paper, printing, filling and packaging industries. Moreover, It aims at establishing policies and programs in order to contribute in achieving the Arab industrial growth and complementarity answering the current and future requirements of such industries on the Arab national leveling such a way as to obtain self-sufficiency.

The opening session of the seminar of the Arab Federation for Paper, Printing and Packaging that took place in Beirut on the 18th, 19th and 20th of September 2002 under the auspices of the Minister of Industry in Beirut Mr. Georges Frem.
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