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The Board of Directors and the Secretariat- General
The structure of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Federation is composed of the members that are directly elected from the general committee of the Federation. Their number is proportional to the number of the Arab countries to which the Projects members of the Federation belong. Such number is multiplied by three provided that all paper industries including paper, printing and packaging are represented.
According to the present regulations, the General Committee of the Federation elects the members of the Board of directors for a 3-renewable-year period.
The Board of Directors of the Federation meets within one week as of the date of its election and chooses amongst its members a President and vice presidents.

The Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of the Federation is composed of the members that are directly elected by the group members in each country separately. Such election is legally certified by the General Assembly of the Federation provided that the representatives of each country in the Board of Directors do not exceed three members. The representation of the sectors of paper, printing, packaging and processing industries should be applied.

The Board of Directors meets every six months at least. The President convenes for a meeting three weeks prior to the fixed date. The Agenda of the meeting will be included in the invitation.
The Board of Directors can meet upon the General Secretary's suggestion and the approval of the President or upon the request of the one third of the members.

The Structure of the Secretariat- General -The regional offices and their addresses
The Secretariat- General is considered the executive body of the Federation. Such body consists of the General Secretary of the Federation himself, the consultants, the experts and a number of managers and employees

The Secretariat-General Iraq
The General Secretary: Fares Bakr Omar
Address: 901 District, 13th street-building N0. 31- Al karada quarter - Abi Nawas Street.
Tel: 7176376 - 7176375
Fax: 7176374
P.O.BOX. 5456, Baghdad- Iraq.

The Regional Offices Of The Arab Federation For Paper, Printing And Packaging Industries.

The Regional office - Arab Republic of Egypt
The Regional Manager / Ra'fat Mahmood Hilal
Address: 3 Behlo street- Kasr el Nile- Cairo
Office of Muharam printing company
Tel: 3921599-39221667
Fax: 3933197

The Regional office - Tunisia
Te Regional Manager/ Abbasi Mansouri
Address: 6 al Habib Bourquiba Street
P.O.box. 529 Tunis
1025 Tunisia
Tel: 216-1-347008
Fax: 216-1-342985

The Regional office for the Arabian Gulf - Kuwait
The Regional Manager / Hussein Mohammad Ghadar
Address: Fahahil - 64006- Kuwait
Tel: 3262072-3260393
Fax: 3263926-3263778

The Regional office - Algeria
In Charge of the Federation's file / Toufic Ahniya
Address: The Industrial Complex for paper and Cellulose
The Station road- Baba Ali- Algeria
Tel: 021309174

The Regional office - Jordan
The Regional Manager / Lutfi Amine EL Sayed
Address: Al Zarka- Jordan
Tel: 3650411/12
Fax: 3650481

The Regional office - Lebanon

The Regional Manager / Zuhair Saber
Address: Beirut- Sin EL Fil- Wadih Amoun Street
Farid Touma Building - Block B - 2nd Floor
Tel: 961 1 510180-510179 Fax: 961 1 510180

 The Structure of the Board  of Directors
 The Board of Directors
 List of the Board Members
 The Structure of the  Secretariat-General
 The Secretariat- General  - Iraq
 The Regional Offices of the  Federation

The Federation's Bodies

The Federation carries out its activity through:
. The General Assembly
. The Board of Directors
. The Secretairat-General

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